13 Family Business Ideas to Inspire You

Family businesses have been around for thorough out history, and some of the most iconic brands have started as family-owned companies. Family businesses refer to businesses where one or more family members own and control the company and are continued down multiple generations. Family businesses are a smart way to start a new venture while retaining control over its growth.

Startup Tips for Developing a Family-Owned Business

Starting family-owned companies take significant effort and business planning. But if done right, they can grow and become successful ventures.

  • Start with a business plan: The first step for starting a business is laying the groundwork for it. This means deciding roles, the level of involvement needed, compensation, and who reports to.
  • Map out funding: If family members are putting in their own money for seed funding, it’s essential to recognize their contribution to the family business.
  • Have an outside source: While it might be tempting to keep everything in the family, external sources for advice and guidance are necessary. They can take on a neutral role and provide insight without potentially jeopardizing relationships with other members.



What to Avoid When Running a Business with Family Members

While running a family business can be immensely rewarding, there is a lot of risk of issues, egos, and rocky relationships moving forward. Unfortunately, many family businesses often fall victim to this, so it’s crucial to preserve relationships as much as possible while developing the business.

  • Giving family members preferential treatment: As businesses grow, it’s crucial to keep accountability and equality. Nonfamily members should not be treated any differently than family, so no special treatment or personal interests are involved.
  • Not having a succession plan: As family members retire or pursue other ventures, having a succession process can help reduce issues for the people involved. In addition, creating clear rules for what happens and who takes over when a family member leaves will protect the business in the long run.
  • Think about future generations: Future generations may not want to be part of the business, and that’s okay. Rather than trying to force family relationships into a situation, they don’t want to be in. For children who want to be involved, ensure they have opportunities for outside experience. Let them decide what departments they would like to participate in based on skill sets.


13 Amazing Family Businesses

Most family businesses are successful when they have a great idea in a specific niche. If you’re thinking about starting a family business or a small business, there are many amazing ideas to pursue. We’ll go through profitable and fun family business ideas to inspire you to start your own.

1. Celebration Boxes

For crafty families with a penchant for entrepreneurship, celebration boxes could be a great idea. The family can get involved by creating themed boxes with handmade and curated products. They can use their artistic flair for celebrations around special occasions such as baby showers, graduations, weddings, and more.

2. Pet Sitting

family business ideas, pet sitting

Pet sitting can be an excellent idea for family members who love animals and want to make some money. You can start with your neighborhood to grow your client base and build your reputation.

3. College Consulting

If you like the prospect of working with other families and helping high school students, college consulting could be a great idea. You could work with prospective students to help them select colleges, put together applications and provide guidance around their college essays.

4. Plant Nursery

family owned business, pet sitting

If your family members have a green thumb and love plants, why not start a plant nursery? You could start with indoor office and home plants, sell them around your area before growing, and even offer outdoor plants.

5. Start an Online Store

As a family firm, you could also start an online store and sell products. You may need to invest some money initially in sourcing the right types of products based on interests. However, as you grow the business, you will have less debt, and your online business could prove to be a profitable idea.

6. Errand Service

If you’re looking for business ideas that don’t require a ton of company money, you could also start an errand business. This could include basic tasks such as picking up dry cleaning, quick shopping trips, and anything people in the neighborhood need help with.

7. Farmers Market Vendor

family business ideas, farmers market vendor business

You can also work with family members to sell produce and products at farmers’ markets for extra cash. You can create a local brand for your products for your family business idea and set up a stall at the farmers’ market to sell to new customers with the entire family.

8. Cleaning Business

family business ideas, cleaning business

A cleaning business can be an excellent opportunity for family-run enterprises, especially in areas with high demand for such services. Commercial and residential cleaning services are always needed, and families can leverage trust and reliability as their unique selling points.

By offering both hourly rates and package deals, a family-owned cleaning business can cater to a variety of clients, from individual homeowners to larger commercial establishments. Additionally, volume discounts can attract bigger clients, enhancing profitability.

9. Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is an industry where precision and trustworthiness are paramount. If family members possess the necessary skills and attention to detail, this can become a lucrative avenue.

Offering a range of services from basic washes to full detailing can cater to different customer needs. Given the sentimental and financial value people attach to their vehicles, a family-run business emphasizing care and quality can quickly build a loyal customer base, ensuring repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

10. Child Care Service

The modern work landscape, characterized by remote work and flexible hours, has led to a surge in demand for child care services. Families can step into this space, leveraging their homes to set up daycare centers.

Such setups not only offer convenience to nearby working parents but also bring forth an element of trust, knowing their children are in a familiar neighborhood environment. With the right amenities and a focus on safety, a family-run child care service can gain a reputation as a reliable, go-to place for parents in the community.

11. Tour Guide Service

If your local community sees a lot of tourists and visitors, you could start your own business by offering tour guide services. You could create special guided tours based on historical significance, adventure tours, and more, depending on what the area has to offer.

12. Bed and Breakfast

family owned business, bed and breakfast

If you have a suitable location, you could start a bed and breakfast for visitors. Many family business starting ideas are in the hospitality sector, and a B&B could be a low-cost way to break into the market.

13. Small Farm

A small farm can be profitable if you have the real estate for it. Many customers are seeking out local produce and fruit, and it’s also a good business the next generation can pick up. You can spend time growing in-demand fruits and vegetables and sell them in local markets.

Family Business Ideas Summary

Idea Description
Celebration Boxes Craft themed boxes for special occasions like graduations and weddings.
Pet Sitting Offer care services for neighborhood pets.
College Consulting Assist students with college selections and applications.
Plant Nursery Grow and sell indoor and outdoor plants.
Start an Online Store Sell family-curated products online.
Errand Service Provide local task assistance like shopping or dry cleaning pickups.
Farmers Market Vendor Sell family-grown produce at local farmers’ markets.
Cleaning Business Offer cleaning services for homes and businesses.
Auto Detailing Provide vehicle cleaning and detailing services.
Child Care Service Set up a neighborhood daycare for working parents.
Tour Guide Service Guide tourists through local attractions and historical sites.
Bed and Breakfast Offer lodging services in tourist areas.
Small Farm Cultivate and sell local produce at markets.



Are Family-Owned Businesses Profitable?

Absolutely! Family-owned businesses often form the backbone of many economies and can be highly profitable. Here’s a deeper dive into the profitability and value of family-owned businesses:

  • Historical Success Stories: Some of the world’s most successful companies started as family-owned businesses. Think of Walmart, which was founded by the Walton family and has grown to be one of the largest corporations globally. Ford, Samsung, and Tata are other examples that highlight the potential of family-run enterprises to not only survive but thrive across generations.
  • Deep-rooted Values and Vision: Family businesses often operate on a strong foundation of values, traditions, and a shared vision. This foundation can provide stability, fostering a long-term perspective that prioritizes sustainable growth over short-term profits. Such a mindset often leads to consistent and steady profitability.
  • Agile Decision-making: One advantage of family-owned businesses is their ability to make quick decisions without the extensive bureaucracy found in larger corporations. This agility can be a competitive advantage, allowing them to adapt rapidly to market changes or capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Employee Loyalty and Retention: Family businesses often cultivate a unique company culture that emphasizes loyalty, trust, and a sense of belonging. Such an environment can lead to higher employee retention rates, lower turnover costs, and a more dedicated workforce. All these factors contribute to improved business efficiency and profitability.
  • Stake in Success: Since the family’s name and reputation are often tied to the business, there’s a personal stake in ensuring its success. This intrinsic motivation can drive higher levels of dedication, leading to better decision-making and greater profitability.
  • Significant Economic Contribution: According to the Harvard Business Review, family businesses play a pivotal role in global economies. They tend to be more dominant in emerging markets but are also a substantial force in developed economies. Their combined contribution provides a significant percentage of GDP and employment.
  • Challenges to Navigate: While family businesses can be profitable, they also face unique challenges. Succession planning, family disputes, and the need to professionalize operations can be potential hurdles. However, with effective governance structures, clear communication, and forward-thinking leadership, these challenges can be overcome, ensuring long-term profitability.

What’s the Best Family-Owned Business to Start?

The best family business ventures are generally based on existing talent and skills family members may have. If you’re looking to start a successful company, an online store or a small farm could be successful. However, if there are specific skills family members have, small businesses can be built off of that as well.

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